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150 East Highway 67, Suite 210

Duncanville, Texas 75137

RESIDENTIAL Inspections required


150 East Highway 67, Suite 210, Duncanville, Texas 75137,
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RESIDENTIAL Inspections required

RESIDENTIAL Inspections required


  1. If there are any pipes carrying heated or cooled water below the slab, they must be insulated and be inspected prior to foundation pour.
  2. Air barrier and all sealing must be inspected at framing stage. (PRIOR to any insulation going in)
    1. Windows and Doors between rough opening framing and window or door frame must be completely sealed with foam or caulk.
    2. Sill plate must be sealed on the inside and outside with foam or caulk.
    3. All exterior walls, corner studs, Cripple Studs, Headers, or any other parallel framing, must be sealed with foam or caulk
    4. All penetrations of top plate/ceiling into attic, must be sealed with foam or caulk
    5. All wall penetrations to the exterior or through Sheathing must be sealed with foam or caulk. Including nail holes.
  3. Windows and doors must be labeled with U-factor and SHGC, or manufacturer specs must be provided.
  4. Duct Insulation and sealing, visual inspection.
  5. Mechanical system piping carrying fluid over 104° or below 55° must be insulated with R-3 insulation
  6. Duct tightness test. Best to be done at about framing stage, after mechanical Rough, this way if it does not pass, it has better access to corrections.
  7. ALL Insulation in walls, crawl spaces, knee walls, attics, etc. must be inspected before being covered.
  8. Exterior continuous insulation shall be sealed and inspected prior to be covered.
  9. Blower door test
  10. Final Inspection; this includes any blown attic insulation (if not already inspected), and the lighting inspection (All can lights must be air-tight type and no more than 25% can be incandescent), Attic access ladders and or hatches, must be insulated the same as the attic and have a weather seal
  11. Numbers 2 through 5 are generally done in 1 single inspection visit.
  12. Numbers 7 & 8 are generally done in 1 single inspection visit.



  1. Storm water: 70% of non-roof area has: Vegetative landscape 2. Permeable paving, or 3. Sloped for water runoff to a permanent filtration feature This is generally inspected at the Final, after landscaping is complete.
  2. Water efficiency Lavatory faucets must be 2.0 gpm or lower, Shower heads must be 2.0 gpm or lower, Toilets must be 3 gpf, or dual flush, or water sense, ENERGY STAR labeled dishwashers that use 6.0 gallons or less per cycle, ENERGY STAR labeled clothes washer with a modified energy factor > 2.0 and water factor of < 5. : These 5 things are inspected for the Final, after all the plumbing is in, and appliances are installed.
  3. Energy efficiency: these are inspected when the energy inspections above are done.
  4. Heat island mitigation: this must be checked at the framing stage for radiant barrier usage, and/or at insulation stage if using spray foam on the roof deck, or at roofing stage if using Energy star shingles.
  5. Indoor air quality: these are inspected when the energy inspections above are done