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2012 – RESIDENTIAL green and energy plan review requirements

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2012 – RESIDENTIAL green and energy plan review requirements


What items MUST be on the plans, or provided along with the plans,

to complete the reviews.


Energy needs:

  1. Outline of building envelope, with dimensions for perimeter, windows and doors.
  2. Air (Poly) Sealing details
  3. Size of wall framing
  4. List of insulation materials and their R-values and locations on the envelope (for crawl spaces and exterior walls, there are multiple insulation methods to achieve compliance. It must be shown on the plans which method they are using)
  5. U-Factor and SHGC of windows and glass doors.
  6. Manual J calculations.
  7. Mechanical, water heating and appliance specifications.
  8. Duct R-value, duct sealing details and duct locations
  9. Gasket and insulation details for attic hatches and ladders
  10. Lighting specifications
  11. Which of the 5 optional compliance methods they wish to use.


Green needs:

  1. Project address
  2. Owner identification
  3. Architect/drafter identification
  4. Contractor identification
  5. Lot Size
  6. A/C square footage
  7. Total roof coverage
  8. Storm water compliance, with 70 % non-roof area landscaped, permeable paved or sloped for runoff.
  9. Water efficiency:
  10. Landscape plan, including irrigation plans
  11. Lavatory faucets must be 2.0 gpm or lower
  12. Shower heads must be 2.0 gpm or lower
  13. Toilets must be 3 gpf, or dual flush, or water sense rated and labeled
  14. Energy Star labeled dishwashers that use 6.0 gallons or less per cycle
  15. Energy Star labeled clothes washer with a modified energy factor ≥ 2.0 and water factor of <5
  16. Must meet the minimum requirements of the energy provisions of the 2015 IRC (see list above)
  17. Heat Island Mitigation: must show one of the following on the plans
    1. Energy star rated shingles
    2. A vegetated roof
    3. Radiant barrier on the roof deck shiny side facing attic
    4. Encapsulated Foam insulation between the roof rafters.
  18. Must insure they will meet the Indoor Air Quality requirements. (Air sealing, see above)