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Blower Door Testing

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Blower Door Testing

This must be done at Final. This involves closing up the exterior windows and doors of the house and connecting our equipment to 1 exterior door. We then de-pressurize the entire house with our gauge and fan, to see how much leakage there is. The results are based on the number of square feet and volume of the house, the pressure (50 paschal) and the air changes per hour that it leaks. Maximum leakage that is allowed is 3 air changes per hour.

For the test to be conducted:

All windows and doors must be able to be fully closed and locked. They must have all gaskets and hardware properly installed. All attic hatches and floor hatches must be gasketed and closed. All fireplaces must have their final glass doors installed.

We must have access to at least one exterior door, 8’ tall or smaller, preferably with a porch or overhang if testing on a rainy day.

We must have power available inside the house. Running an extension cord outside, through a door or window, can cause the test to fail.

We need to know the Square footage and the total volume of the house.

  • Cost: $200.00 for houses under 5,000 s.f., $250 for houses over 5,000 s.f.
  • Not to exceed 3 air changes per hour at 50 pascals.
  • Exception: ESL 4ACH50 Tradeoff Code Equivalency Compliance a
Envelope Component Option #1 Option #2
R402.4 Air Leakage < 4ACH50 < 4ACH50
Wall Insulation Value R13 + R3b  R13 + R3b
Fenestration U- < 0.32/0.25 < 0.32/0.25
Ceiling R-value  > R49 > R49
Duct Insulation R8 R6
Radiant Barrier Required No Yes

a Except for the values listed in the table, all other mandatory code provisions are applicable.

b First value is cavity insulation, second is continuous insulation or insulated siding.