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150 East Highway 67, Suite 210

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Backflow Testing and Repair

Keep your water clean at all times

150 East Highway 67, Suite 210, Duncanville, Texas 75137,
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Backflow Testing, Inspection, and Assembly Repair in Dallas – Fort Worth

Dallas Green code inspection

Backflow Inspection, Testing and Assembly Repair

  Keep your water clean at all times Keep the potable water supply from getting contaminated by installing a proper backflow device on your water system.  Our licensed and registered inspectors will test and repair all backflow devices to ensure your backflow device is working as it should. Prevent contamination with a back flow device Your water should only flow in one direction. When it comes to making sure your water is flowing like it should, a back flow device is installed. The state requires that all water systems have this device to prevent contamination to the city’s water supply. Trust in your local experts We have over 20 years of experience handling the testing of backflow valves and ensuring they work properly. Should we find that your valve is not working right, we will then get to work repairing it. We are licensed and insured for your protection. Additional Services
  • Domestic assemblies
  • Irrigation assemblies
  • Fire line assemblies
  • Rain and freeze sensor testing(Required in some cities)
  Our Backflow Division has been operating since 1995.  We provide the testing and repairing of backflow prevention assembly devices for domestic water, irrigation and fire line assemblies.  We provide this service to plumbers, contractors, plus commercial and residential end use customers.  We file all necessary reports to the proper city/authority, with copies provided to the contracting person and/or the facility.  We have well over 1,000 satisfied customers who have relied on us year after year with all their backflow prevention assembly testing needs.  Testing can be done at any time in order to minimize disruption, and appointments can be scheduled at your convenience, but preferably one or two weeks in advance.  Please contact our office by phone, fax, or e-mail, to schedule an appointment. Our current prices are as follows:
  • 1-3 devices tested           $130.00 each
  • 4-6 devices tested           $120.00 each
  • 7-10 devices tested         $110.00 each
  • 11-15 devices tested        $100.00 each
  • 16+ devices tested           $90.00 each
  • Opening and cleaning      $55.00 each
  • Repair labor                      $130 per repair /per hour
  • Parts                                 $ Varies depending on make, model and size.
  • Retesting fee                    $35.00 (for retesting after repairs, not annual test)
  • Emergency / weekend      $55.00 extra
  • City Fee – varies by City, please ask for your city’s fee.
  • Rain and Freeze Sensors  $55.00
The volume discounts apply to each trip out for testing.  The price is the same for domestic water, irrigation or fire line devices.

A.C.E. Companies performs all its own work without the use of subcontractors. If you are contacted by someone who claims to be a subcontractor of A.C.E. Companies, or if you have any other questions about your specific job, please contact us. Thank you A.C.E. Companies Management.