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Backflow FAQ

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Backflow FAQ


What is a backflow assembly?

A backflow assembly is an approved, testable assembly which uses valves in different configurations to prevent polluted or contaminated water from reversing direction and flowing backward.  Common uses are on fire sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, boiler and chiller makeup, Soda fountain/CO2 service, and other domestic services.

Why are backflow assemblies required?

The State of Texas has a law within the Water Code that requires them.  See: Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, Chapter 290 – Public Drinking Water, § 290.44 (h).

When do I need to have my backflow assemblies tested?

Each backflow assembly must be tested and certified upon installation, upon repair or relocation, and shall be tested and certified annually thereafter.  Note: some cities have a different testing schedule for residential irrigation testing.

Who can test my backflow assemblies?

If your assemblies are located in the Metroplex area of the State of Texas, A.C.E. Companies can test all of them using our licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers.  A full list of certified testers in Texas is available at the TCEQ website, and many cities also have a list of testers available in their city.

Are all backflow assembly testing companies alike?

No.  A.C.E. Companies includes, with each inspection, not only testing and certification of the backflow assembly, but also cleaning and repairs as required and all parts that may be needed.  A.C.E. Companies does not provide installation or relocation services at this time.

How can this website help me right now?

One:  If your question wasn’t answered by our FAQ section, we still wish to help.  Email us at [email protected]

Two:  If you wish to schedule and appointment for backflow testing or an inspection, go to our contact us page and fill out the schedule appointment section.  We will get back to you with a date and time.

Three:  If you have a general question about our billing policies email us at [email protected] .